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A-JOINT® READY is a ready-to-use and vacuum-packed paving jointing compound with a special natural sand mixture.

It is highly water permeable, frost resistant and hardens by contact with atmospheric oxygen.

A-JOINT® READY prevents weed growth in the joints and can be used for almost all natural stone and concrete products outdoors.

Due to its easy application and self-compacting properties, this paving grout is also ideally suited for the enthusiastic home improver.

A-JOINT® READY can be used around the garden on paths, patios, courtyards.

Stone Grey
Stone Grey


  • Sustainable, firm to walk joint solution up to use category N2
  • Weed free and water permeable
  • For joint widths from 5 mm
  • For joint depths from 30 mm
  • Ready mixed and vacuum packed, immediately "READY" for use
  • Can be applied from 5°C floor temperature
  • Can be used in light rain, damp weather


Preparing the site:

The joints must be cleaned out of weeds, roots and loose parts to a depth of at least 30 mm without leaving any residue. The surface to be jointed must be cleaned from any dirt. Adjacent surfaces that are not to be jointed should be taped off or covered.   To avoid sinking surfaces and loose stones, we recommend a permanently water-permeable and load-bearing substrate corresponding to the loads, that later go over the surface.

A-Joint Instructions Pre Wetting

Pre Wetting

Pre-wet the entire surface extensively. Higher surface temperatures and absorbent, open-pored stones require more intensive pre-wetting. Generally, use clean and cold water.

A-Joint Instructions Filling the joints

Filling the joints

Remove the vacuum bag from the bucket, cut it open and spread the compound evenly over the well pre-wetted surface. Work the paving joint mortar intensively into the joints with a broom or rubber squeegee. The joints must be completely filled and compacted. In order to increase the strength of the joint, the fresh mortar can be elutrified using a fine water spray jet. Also narrower joints can be filled more easily with this method. Avoid standing water in the joints during application. Sunken joints must be refilled with fresh paving joint mortar immediately.

A-Joint Instructions Sweep Off

Sweep off

Directly after filling the joints, carefully clean the stone surface with a fine broom diagonally across the joint. Remove all residues of the paving mortar from the stone surface. Do not reuse any material that has been swept off. Be aware that chamfers (bevelling of the side edges) on slabs and pavers must be exposed.

A-Joint Instructions Ready

After treatment

Protect the freshly jointed surface from continuous or heavy rain for 12-24 hours. We recommend construction foil or tarpaulins as rain protection. These can be laid directly on the surface. At temperatures around 20°C, the surface can be walked on after 24 hours and driven on after 6 days. Low temperatures and high humidity can extend the complete curing time up to several weeks. Due to raw material light sanding of the mortar surface is possible. Cleaning work (high-pressure cleaner max. 100 bar, min. 30 cm distance) may be carried out after 7 days at the earliest.


Resin film: After jointing with A-JOINT® READY, a thin resin film remains on the stone surface, which intensifies the stone colour and protects it from dirt. This resin film usually disappears over time due to weathering and use of the surface. In case of doubt, create a small sample surface before joining the entire area. The resin film is not a design defect, as neither the quality nor the functionality of the joint is affected.

Application notes: Use A-JOINT®  READY only with a stable, load-bearing and permanently water-permeable sub- structure or a slope of at least 2%. In this regard, take into account the current regulations for the construction of terraces and paths. Do not use in permanent wet areas e.g. pools, fountains or drains. A-JOINT® READY has an unique smell which disappears over time after complete hardening. Application is recommended only in well ventilated outdoor areas. We draw attention to the wearing of adequate protective work clothing. Shoes and tools must be free from dirt and should be cleaned with water during and after application.

Regularly remove dirt, leaves and moss from the joint surface.

All filler materials are natural products and are subject to natural color variations. Our information is based on experiential values and the current levels of knowledge in science and practice, however they are not binding and have no legal force.

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.